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• 8/1/2017


How do you make a infobox?
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• 7/29/2017


Buff_orpington is a user with More than 5K Posts on Graphictoria, He currently is no.1 in the Top 15.

Youtube Channel:
Buff has a youtube channel which sucessfully made over 2K Subs
The Channel is Called AndrewsStuff

Quit Prank:
Buff announced on a forum post saying He is going to quit Graphictoria everyone was sad to hear this, The post hit above 100 Replies in under a few minutes. The post can still be found.
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• 4/29/2017

RIP Graphictoria

May we forever miss it, maybe someone will read this...
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• 4/10/2017

I'm now a wiki admin!

More than a discussions moderator - that's right ;)
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• 4/8/2017

[META] I'm now a moderator of discussions!

I'm P4ris - hi!

I'll try to be active here, clean up spam, help people, etc.

Ask me anything!
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• 4/7/2017


Maybe someone will read this, who knows?
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• 3/20/2017

How to fix this error?

I keep getting an error when I use both of my email addresses, the error says: You have recently made an account. Please wait before making a new one.

Even though I haven't even made an account yet!

I would like some of the devs to fix this, If they can't then bye-bye Graphictoria for me.
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• 1/28/2017

Share item ideas here!

Though i do not and do not know how to make items, we can talk about them and ideas here! (Hats, Faces, Gear, etc.)
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