LegoBoiCykaKurwa is a North Korean Graphictoria user. He is known for his blooper videos and making retextures on old GT. He is also known under the name SCBOLBOY, especially in the Nobelium community. His user ID is 80, although his first account's ID is actually 65[citation needed] - the username of the account with this ID is currently unknown, but the account's avatar appears to be a classic roblox noob. He is an admin on this wikia, the one you're reading right now!

Trivia Edit

On January 28th, 2017, a random user came in and edited the "Xander" page on this wikia by adding "Xander knows some programming language...and drama and lizk raping." He was apparently framed and deleted (probably by Xander himself).

The screenshot of the edited "Xander" page can be found below

Currently a user by the name of "Model" has stepped forward claiming to have edited the "Xander" page and getting Lego deleted.

On January 28th, 9:13 PM EST, Lego was unbanned.

But on February 9th, 8:11 PM EST, Lego was deleted for questioning EC when he said on the forums that GT is legal but saying the otherwise on the GT discord and was banned from the discord. He is no longer a wiki mod.

As of March 19th Lego was unbanned.

On April 9th 2017 Lego was deleted for being a N* member. But, as of April 12th, Lego is unbanned again, thanks to Player4's help, since Player4 recently became a site moderator and was able to remove the ban.

Media Edit

Screenshot 7

The edited wiki page of EnergyCell.

Screenshot 2017-02-10-02-11-22

His second ban.

Graphictoria Bloopers

Graphictoria Bloopers

First episode of his bloopers.