Im a piece of shit.

Normal usersEdit


John first joined GT2 on September 18th, 2016. He has 127 forum posts as of 1/29/17 and is dressed up like a headless pirate. He hosted servers back then, gaining up to 25 users per server. The highest known amount of people on one of his servers was 25 on SFOTH IV. He is fluent in Lua and is American.


Wixy101 is a user from GT2 who joined on October 29th, 2016.

He is a forumer on General Discussion, and has over 500+ posts, and posts there everyday. He has over 500+ friends, but most of them are inactive.

Stormer Edit

Stormer is a shit , yet known Graphictoria user.

He joined in the GT2 era

and still continues to play, host, and give help, very actively to this day. Although he is not very active on the forums, he can usually be seen on the Graphictoria Discord as much as in-game. Three of the most popular servers he host or has hosted are "2008 trailer", "uhh.wav PIANO", and "Big World", which are all made by him.

Lykaspars4 Edit

lykaspars4 is a lonely player with very little qualities to list.

TheBloxxer293 Edit

TheBloxxer293 is a GT user with no qualities to list.

Missingno50 Edit

Very similiarly to TheBloxxer293, Missingno50 owns a public hosting service. Otherwise nothing he does will ever amount to anything. His very own page got deleted. Forgettable at best. He's waiting until the TeamViewer passes over before adding his own profile pixture.