Whimee was a Graphictoria moderator, and was one of the owners of the Graphictoria discord. He is known for making the official trailer, designing the logos, and among other things. On 10/31/2016 he left GT, but came back as a moderator in GT3. He holds the ID of 95. As of 3/24/16, Whimee has quit GT, left the GT discord, and his account has gone inacitve - he left due to personal reasons that only members of Nobelium know about, but people do know that he left one day after P4risAndStuff was banned from Graphictoria and fired from his job as an external services moderator (a job that he got back).

He was also known for making video remixes with the Roblox deathsound. He was even featured on Behind the meme, a channel that talks and explains the origins of some internet memes.